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Whitby 2 Home Charity Walk for Alzheimer's

The story behind why I'm doing a charity walk for Alzheimer's Society:

In 2020 like so many other people during the pandemic and lock downs, I lost my grandmother and was unable to see her during her final weeks/months. Although I understood this for the sake of keeping everybody else safe, it was something that I struggled with for a long time. My Grandmother (Rose Berry) was somebody I had a great relationship with. She was the first member of the family I introduced to my now husband, and we had so much in common such as our love for Christmas.

My Grandmother was a huge fan of the royal family, and I would always enjoy watching big events with her. Since her passing I have continued the tradition of setting up a picnic in front of the television and watching any of the larger events, such as the recent coronation.

I remember the first time I saw my gran when something wasn't right, and she was starting tests for the diagnosis, it absolutely broke my heart to see her acting so differently, and I remember crying in the car on the way home. Over the course of months she got worse, but I always made sure to visit, and make it as positive as an experience as possible. In the December of 2019 my grandfather was struggling, so much so that he had not managed to decorate the house for Christmas. I knew this would cheer them both up, and so Carl and I got the fake tree and decorations from the loft and decorated the house for them, putting on Christmas music while we did it. My grandmother had a joyful afternoon, and for me it was just like old time - my brother and I used to help her decorate the tree every year!!!

The last time I saw my grandmother was in February 2020, she was in the hospital and we as a family has been given "The Call". Upon seeing her in the hospital bed I burst into tears and had to hide myself behind Carl in the hope to compose myself before she realised. Her room was full, and although she didn't recognise everybody, I was overwhelmed that she recognised me.

My mother and cousin spent the entire night, and although I was unable to, I was certainly struggling to I knew this was potentially the last time I would see her. The next morning I phoned my mother, and got the news that gran was still with us, and so I jumped in the car and made sure to spend as much of the day there as possible. She got stronger over the weekend and was eventually moved out of the hospital and into a care home where she remained on pallet care (end of life care). Due to the pandemic I didn't see her again myself but was given regular updates from my mother and grandfather. She died in the September, age 79 (just two and half months short of her 80th)

Since her passing I have wanted to do something in order to raise money for an Alzheimer's charity, but what? I have always believed that if you are going to ask for people to sponsor you it should be a challenge, and so it took me a long time to decided what I wanted to do.

Every step counts when it comes to making a difference in the lives of those affected by Alzheimer's disease. I'm embarking on an huge charity walk called "Whitby 2 Home." This two-day, over 100km journey is aimed at raising funds and awareness for the Alzheimer's Society, a remarkable organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families living with Alzheimer's.

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease:

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative condition that primarily affects memory, cognition, and behavior. It is a deeply challenging disease that not only impacts the individuals diagnosed but also places a significant burden on their families and caregivers. Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's, making the support and services provided by organizations like the Alzheimer's Society crucial in helping those affected navigate the complexities of the condition.

The Alzheimer's Society: Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities:

The Alzheimer's Society is a leading charity in the field of dementia care, relentlessly working towards improving the lives of people affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Through its extensive range of services, this exceptional organization offers support, guidance, and resources to individuals, families, and communities across the UK.

Support and Information:

The Alzheimer's Society provides a vital lifeline to those in need of information and support. Whether it's a newly diagnosed individual seeking guidance or a family member searching for resources to better understand the disease, the organization offers expert advice and information through its helpline, online forums, and local branches. These channels foster a sense of community and ensure that no one faces the challenges of Alzheimer's alone.

Dementia Advisers:

Dementia Advisers play a pivotal role in the Alzheimer's Society's support network. These professionals offer personalized guidance, helping individuals and families navigate the various stages of dementia, understand available services, and make informed decisions about care options. Dementia Advisers provide emotional support, practical advice, and invaluable reassurance during what can be a confusing and distressing time.

Research and Advocacy:

To advance understanding, treatment, and prevention of Alzheimer's disease, the Alzheimer's Society funds groundbreaking research projects. By investing in scientific research and collaborating with leading experts, they strive to find effective interventions and ultimately discover a cure. Furthermore, the organization advocates for policy changes, ensuring that the needs of those living with dementia and their families are recognized and addressed at a societal level.

Supporting Whitby 2 Home:

Now, more than ever, the Alzheimer's Society needs our support to continue providing invaluable services to those affected by dementia. By contributing to the Whitby 2 Home charity walk, you become a vital part of this noble cause. Your generosity will enable the Alzheimer's Society to extend its reach, expand its support programs, fund pioneering research, and ultimately make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and families.

I will be sharing my walk on my social media pages to le you know how I get on!!!

Wish me luck ❤️

A Poem for Dementia Awareness Week:

In the depths of fading memories,

Where fragments of a life reside,

Lies a journey known as Alzheimer's,

A relentless, relentless tide.

Once a mind so vibrant and clear,

Now entangled in a misty maze,

Where recollections slowly disappear,

Leaving traces of sorrow in its gaze.

The essence of a vibrant soul,

Now lost in a labyrinth's embrace,

Fading echoes of stories untold,

As time's erasure leaves no trace.

Faces once familiar and dear,

Become fleeting shadows of the past,

A name, a touch, no longer clear,

Like whispers carried by the wind's vast.

Yet in the eyes, a flicker remains,

A glimmer of the spirit's flame,

A tender touch that love sustains,

For deep within, it stays the same.

Though memories may slowly fade,

The heart's connection still abides,

Love's enduring bond won't degrade,

In each moment, it gently resides.

So let us cherish every day,

With compassion, patience, and grace,

Hold hands through the disarray,

And find solace in love's embrace.

For amidst the challenges we face,

The spirit shines through the darkest night,

In the tender moments, we find our place,

Illuminating Alzheimer's, with love as our guiding light.


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