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"My writing needs to excite me, for if it doesn't then why would it the reader." 

Chris Turnbull
Whitby's Darkest Secret




Chris has always been a keen reader and writer, he loves the feeling of been drawn into a good book and the escapism into another world after a long day at work.

In 2013, after finishing his first full story Chris decided that he wanted to get it professionally edited in the hope to print it out for himself. After very little persuasion Chris finally released time travel story The Vintage Coat on Amazon and had a successful book launch in Leeds. With the publishing bug now set, Chris is enjoying writing more than ever and has plenty of projects up his sleeve. 


Maria Gibbs

- Carousel

This is an innocently pleasurable book which draws you in. Jonathon’s life changes dramatically after being jilted at the altar on his wedding. A gentle story which guides you along and makes you want to keep reading. Nice characterisation. As always a fantastic read from a talented writer.

Angelina Smith

- The Vintage Coat

The Vintage Coat is another captivating 5 star read from the amazingly talented author, Chris Turnbull. As with any book by this author, you can see how much research goes into his stories, but the ‘fact’ is weaved so well with the ‘fiction’ that it flows seamlessly and carries you away to another place where you meet many likable characters whilst discovering interesting information about the location and/or time period.

Julie Mercer

- A Home For Emy

A delightful read and beautifully illustrated, such a warm hearted story, full of hope and affection, simply enchanting. I can't wait to read it to my grandchildren, well done to both the author and illustrator.

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