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Joseph Michaels is 25 and an accidental time traveler.


After losing his job Joe finds himself working at the local second-hand shop. One day whilst unpacking new stock Joe comes across an old military coat that he just can't resist trying on.


Excited by the powers of the coat, Joe quickly takes it home where he discovers it allows him to travel between present day Alston, Cumbria and the same area during WWII.

Joe soon finds himself in the midst of living a double life.


However, one night an unexpected air raid hits town and everybody is thrown into disarray; and Joe is faced with standing up for the ones he loves, even if it could cost him everything.


Prequel & Sequel to The Vintage Coat

Five years ago Joseph Michaels found a vintage military coat that changed his life forever.

Now, he has stumbled across something even more valuable. His Grandfathers old war diaries.
Through the pages of Charlie’s diaries Joe is taken back to WW2, where he learns so much more about his Grandfathers past than he could ever have imagined.

Written mostly in diary format.
Love, War and Personal Demons are only the beginning of this newly discovered forgotten story.

LESS than 3 years after the release of Bram Stokers novel Dracula, Whitby is tormented by a diehard fan who sees Dracula as his role model; and it isn’t long before women are being murdered, and the residents of Whitby are scared to leave their homes.


WHEN a young lady from London, who has travelled to Whitby with her new husband, is targeted, it is a race against time to catch this cloaked monster before he kills again.

What makes a young boy turn to the darkness? What turns an honest man into a monster?


In this prequel to Whitby's Darkest Secret, journey back and learn about the life of the boy, who grew up to become known simply as 'D'

The events in Whitby have left all those involved shaken. With a murderer still at large, and his target believing him to have been arrested, there is only a matter of time before their paths cross again. Humiliated by the woman he loves, D seeks revenge, and will stop at nothing until he sees Victoria pay for the torment she has brought upon him. With Detective Matthews out of the way, his plan surely can’t fail.

Jonathan was supposed to be getting married today, but instead he is in Paris; and what’s worse he is now over 120 years in the past.

Transported back by an old amusement carousel, Jonathan finds his life turned upside down as he finds himself stuck in 1889.

Desperate to return home, he goes in search of the carousel. Although his wish to return is high, he soon learns that his reasons to stay could be just as compelling.


Olly The Jack Book Series

Olly is a Jack Russell Terrier with attitude, and he takes his jobs of protecting the house extremely seriously.

However, one day he wakes up to find that his favourite toy has gone missing, and it’s up to Security Olly to track down the thief.

Book 1 - 4 OUT NOW!



On a cold autumn morning a basket of young puppies are left on the doorstep of an animal shelter with their Mother.

One by one they slowly leave for their new homes.

The smallest puppy, Emy watches as her brothers and sisters leave, and hopes that she too will find a home in time for Christmas.

A beautifully illustrated tale of a little dog who is desperate to find a home in time for Christmas.

Emy Book 2​

Emy loves her new home, and she loves her human family.


So it was a shock when one day they took her back to the shelter.


However this trip to the shelter is not to return her, but to find her a sister!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas is a story book for all the family. With a collection of original stories and poems by Chris all set around the festive period.

Includes the short story OxqA by 13 year old Luke Bateman.

(Paperback edition has extras, including festive graphics throughout)

FULL COVER FINAL - no bleed.jpg


When an unknown man is discovered dead on Whitby beach, it is assumed that he has drowned. However, when the police arrive at the scene it soon becomes clear that there is more to this case than a simple drowning victim. The chief calls in newly appointed Detective Benjamin Matthews to look into the case.

Matthews, originally from Whitby, has been living these past two years in York as a PC, and is less than happy with his transfer back to the harbour town. 

With a relocation, a family conflict and now a new case to solve Matthews is well and truly thrown in at the deep end; and the more he delves into the young mans complex life, the darker things get.


You can now get Detective Matthews book 2 - The Regatta Murders on Paperback and ebook!

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