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My Book Review of- Regina: The Monster Inside

Being the first book of a trilogy Regina: The Monster Inside has a big responsibility to ensure its readers want to come back for more - and D M Singh has delivered a book just like that!

The opening sceens draw you into the book, questioning what is going on and why, these questions are answered further in the book but are replaced with even more disire to continue reading and find out what lies in store for Regina.

In a world were supernatural creatures are walking among us it is this fresh look on creatures we are all so aware of that makes this book stand out from the rest.

The characters are instantly likeable, Regina is the perfect leading lady that you are instantly drawn to and feel her pain, anger and tourment and she struggles through her changing world.

Other stand out characters are Imogen, Reginas best friends, she brings a sence of fun to the book which is welcoming. Helena is another stand out character, who feels like her pressence will just jump stright out of the pages, you can not help but being in awe of such a powerful character.

The imagination of the writter comes across so well that you can instantly picture yourself in Reginas surroundings, one of my favourite sceens is in the large manor garden, under the red blossom tree.

Regina the book really does captivate you as a reader, drawing you in for more; and delving you into a world that begs you to stay. Described as a book for YA I believe this book will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Now begins the wait for the second part to be I'm sure I am not the only person wanting to find out what happens next.

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