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2016 New Projects + Thank you's

At the beginning of February I asked my Facebook fans to help me reach the new milestone of 500 page likes - I was overwhelemed with the response and 500 likes was reached and surpassed in less than 24hrs.

As a thank you I said that I would post some exciting updates and behind the scenes information of what I am up to.

2016 is looking to be a very exciting year indeed, In December 2015 I approched an artist about working together on a new Children's book, I am thrilled that she said yes and in January we met over a cup of tea to start putting my story together with image ideas. I am pleased to say this process is going great and I expect the book to be launched in October 2016....I will keep you updated on progress - but for now I have left one of the earlier sketches on here for you to see.

In other news I have been hard at work on another Time Travel story. It was never my intention to write another time travel piece, however the idea came soon after The Vintage Coat was published and I have not been able to put it down. The first draft is coming to an end, and I hope to give you more information about this in the coming months.

Finally, I know a lot of people are asking me about the sequel to D. I am pleased to say that after publication of Whitby's Darkest Secret I spent some time outlining the second second book and wrote the prologue in one sitting. I always knew I wanted a small break between the two books, and the new time travel book has allowed me to do this. But do not fear, the second D book will return to my main priority, and a 2017 release date will be announce at the end of this year.

Until the next update, I leave you with this sketch. As you can see it is very rough as the artist began outlining a scene in the Childrens book.

This will be posted on Facebook later this afternoon - please go and give it a Like.

Chris x

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