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Dear Sperm Donor

I want to thank you for generously donating your if it wasn't for you I would never be here.

I would of preferred to be a bit taller and better looking but I guess I can't have my own way all the time, I'm healthy, and happy with who I am so that will do..

I just wanted to write and let you no I'm okay since you don't give a shit about keeping in touch anymore...but there again I'm sure your far too busy working and chatting to all those young women in other countries....

I must admit I don't have great memories of you....even from a young age I don't remember you being there for me.

My earliest memory is when i was about 8/9, it was a lovely hot summers day and we decided to take the dog to Oakwell Hall - you decided not to come as you wanted to cut the grass instead...its things like that I remember-over anything nice you may have done.

Mother had to beg for money from you to buy us clothes. She used all her child allowance money to cloth and feed us while you hid your money to yourself. She even had to save the family allowance up for years in order to take us to Disneyland Paris...and you contributed nothing, yet got a free holiday.

When my mum left you I admit I cried - but it actually wasn't for very long, nobody at school even noticed any difference in me - in fact teachers only found out when mum came in to checked it hadn't affected my work...

By the way its nice to no you came back to ride your motor bike you left in the garage but never bothered to call in and say hi to your sons who where only in the house.

When you lived on your own I talked you into letting me have a hamster and kept it at your house...I loved that hamster and named it Toffee, at that time you only lived a 15 minute walk away so I went round every night after school to feed and water it and once a week give it a full clean out -I didn't go one day, I did text you to ask if you would check on him for me, but your phone is never switched on...that one day is all I missed, then the next day when I arrived the hamster wasn't there you told me you had sold it because I hadn't turned up to feed it...I ran home in tears, only for my mum to go round and tell you off...turns out you had hid him from me to try teach me a lesson...I don't think that's a lesson I just think that's cruel (It wasn't my fault you didn't check your phone)....a month later you really did give my hamster away (I still don't no why).

You have always had a way with pets...even Benji the Jack Russell you put to sleep only weeks before Christmas as you didn't want to pay for his medication anymore...worse part is I didn't no you had done it till nearly a week later!

Even the last dog didn't have a chance when it broke his just don't like paying for anything...I'm surprised I wasn't put down as having kids costs a lot of money too.

And everyone knows your money obsessed...

I don't no how my brother puts up living with you...I only lived with you a year and it was like being in jail-you only buy cheap microwave meals (Mostly only enough for yourself), you have no heating on and house guests have to sit with their coat poor brother only gets £30 EMA a week and yet you still insist on taking £10 a week off him...even taking spending money grandma has given him off him...

Ive lost count of how many times you have upset me or I've stopped talking to you...but it has always been me that made the effort to talk to you again have no friends and your family don't bother with you...why? because you don't make the effort or act like you give a shit...our going to be a lonely old man!!!

How many times have you been told to keep your phone on in the night in case of an emergency? you have an elderly mother and 2 should of learnt your lesson when my brother was in hospital at 2am and you didn't no - if someone tries to ring you about a serious problem and your phone is switched off then you only have yourself to blame if you never had the chance to say goodbye...

Oh and by the way...not telling your family I'm gay because you thought it wasn't necessary isn't a good enough excuse they all no now and it seems your the only one with a problem..

Do you even recall the reason why we fell out for the final time? Our final fall out you didn't even try to win me back. Let me remind you...

I was turning 21 and you had taken out a savings policy for me and my brother that would cash out when I turned 21. You lied to me about the amount it came to (you seem to forget I was coming in to walk your dog for you once a day, and a letter with my name on it was sitting on your kitchen table displaying the payout amount). Not only did you lie to me about the final amount, and fob me off with a less amount of money, the half due for my brother never made it to him, and you pocketed over £2000 for yourself.

Surprisingly I did see you again...a few weeks later at my 21st birthday party. We hardly spoke. When a group of friends were looking at an old school picture of me (it was a class picture and they were trying to guess which one was me). You looked over their shoulders and said 'I can spot him' (this was the only thing you said all night to me)....and my you remember?

'I should hope so, you are supposed to be my father after all.'

I wish you luck in your old age, and hope you find happiness.

Do you still have that doll on your window ledge that you liked to always tell me 'this is the daughter I never had'?

Yours sincerely

Your Son

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