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A Home For Emy - The Launch

On Saturday 8th October we officially celebrated the release of 'A Home For Emy' with a book signing event.

After the success of the online launch event the previous week, that saw people from around the world partake in games to win an array of prizes, it was now time for myself and illustrator Rebecca Sharp to come together again to sign copies of the book.

The event was held in Halifax, close to Rebecca's home, and we were overwhelmed with the amount of people that turned out to support us. It certainly was the fasted couple of hours of our lives.

The release of 'A Home For Emy' is a personal journey for me, as not only is Emy my childhood dog, but this is also my first venture into Children's literature.

The book is already starting to get some amazing reviews, and the buzz in the room whilst we signed books was electrifying.

I can not wait to work with Bekki again on future projects. With a second Emy book already in the planning stage.

I hope this is the beginning of a new partnership that continues to grow...

You can purchase 'A Home For Emy' on Amazon - also visit Emy's own website at:

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