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SNEAK PEAK - D: Revenge Hits London

As today is my birthday I thought I would share with you a small snippet of my new book.

D: Whitby's Darkest Secret was released in October 2015, it ended with the reveal there would be a follow up book released in 2017. I am pleased to say this is on track and I hope to release it towards the end of the year...but for now, here is a little treat for all those waiting to find out what happens next...

(please note this is the unedited version, small grammar changes will be made upon publish - the story and content will not be changed.)

D: Revenge Hits London


Saturday 24th February 1900

The silence was broken by an almighty banging on the front door. Clearly somebody was in a hurry to be seen to. Tom, the young boy from Whitby was the first to reach the large double fronted wooden door, and pulled open the creaky old door with all his strength. The rain was pouring down so fast that the entrance hall some became soaked, and the man standing in the doorway forced himself inside to take shelter, closing the door and horrendous weather behind him.

‘Can I ‘elp ya Sir?’ Tom asked, slightly taken by this sudden intrusion.

‘My apologies young man.’ He spoke in a whisper, as though out of breath, and he removed his hat to better reveal his face. His light blue eyes were tired looking, and his bright auburn hair was the only colour against the man’s long black overcoat. He reached inside his coat and pulled out a small envelope.

‘I have been asked to bring this here, it is for a man named Albert Summers. Is this the correct house?’ He looked down at Tom with a hopeful expression.

‘Ey, that it is.’ Tom smiled, ‘I will pass it on to him for you.’ The man thanked Tom for his gratitude before returning his hat to his head and turning back for the front door.

‘Horrible weather today, son,’ the man acknowledged as he opened the door once more, ‘they reckon the Themes may overflow if it continues.’ The man then leapt out of the door and back into the wet street. Tom watched for a moment as he dashed down the road and out of sight, before finally closing the door.

His mind now returned to the letter clutched in his hand, Mr Summers name and address written on the front, underneath the word URGENT.

Mr Summers was upstairs in his study. It was mid-afternoon and whilst Mrs Summers read one of her many books in the sitting room, Albert decided to catch up on some work. Tom politely knocked in the study door and waited for the inevitable ‘come in’ from Mr Summers.

‘A messenger at the door gave me this, Sir.’ Tom declared upon entering the large room. Books lined the walls on enormous dark wood displays, and in the middle of the room was an enormous desk, upon which Albert sat behind, covered in an array of paperwork.

Albert stood and took the letter from Tom, thanking him in a tone that also acknowledged his dismissal from the room. Albert returned to his desk. The heavy rain outside had caused the room to be darker than normal for this time of the day, and Albert had surrounded his desk in numerous candles.

He received letters all the time, yet for some reason he had a bad feeling about this one. For who would strive to ensure a letter arrived in this weather. Albert tore open the envelope and unfolded the single piece of paper that rested inside. He did not recognise the handwriting, but it soon became apparent from whom the letter had been sent.

Dear Mr Summers,

I was pleased to hear of your safe arrival back in London.

However I am disappointed to inform you that our hope to capture this ‘D’ character was unsuccessful.

Upon Mrs Summers leaving the pier I was unfortunately unable to stop him, and resulted in myself being thrown over the side of the pier; thus allowing him to escape. The small team of officers that were on hand had in fact been inside a small boat, and were told to approach Mrs Summers and the perpetrator from the pier edge. Unfortunately due to the high winds they did not make it to the pier until it was too late; however they were able to then remove myself from the water and get me to hospital where I have spent the past week.

Constable Taylor also tried to apprehend the offender when they collided on Church street, however the Constable too was no match for the strength of this man and was attacked quite brutally. The Constable is still currently in the hospital, but I am pleased to say he is doing well.

In the days prior to these events we managed to secure a larger team of officers to assist in a large scale search of the town and surrounding areas, numerous men have been brought in for questioning however I am disappointed to say that the culprit has thus far not been captured.

I am aware that you will be keen to be updated on progress with this matter, and I ensure you that I hope for my next letter to be filled with the news we both long to hear.

Please also thank Master Tom for his letter regarding the horse and carriage he left at York station. Mr Walker personally saw that they were returned to Whitby, however upon arriving at the Station Inn where young Tom had left them there was only one horse remaining. The whereabouts of the second horse is now a mystery and is being dealt with as a theft.

Kind regards

Detective Matthews.

Albert screwed up the letter in anger. It had been a week since they had returned to London, and only now was he being informed of this. He stood from his desk and briskly walked to the opposing wall where a large open fire roared. The heat instantly burning against his face as he leaned in close; throwing the letter into the open flames and watching as it burned.

To Be Continued...

D: Revenge Hits London is scheduled for an October 2017 release.

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