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She's The One!

Friends....In my opinion having friends is one of the most important things in anybody's life.

I've never found it difficult making friends as I always give people a chance to get to know them...I very rarely clash with people but when I do it usually never goes any further.

At school I always had a lot of friends - in fact I never stayed with the same group of people all day, I had 4 groups in which I would hang out with, when one group started to bore me i'd move on and spend the rest of a break time with another group.

Even though I had a lot of friends I never really had a friend that was classed as my best friend...I didn't have that one person who I could choose or even stood out to me more than any other friend.

All that changed the day I started year 10....a new student from London had moved up and sat next to me in my English and Math Class...we were both 14 years old and hit it off as soon as we had met.

She became part of one my group of friends and I found myself hanging around that group a lot more now that my new London friend was there.

Turned out she only lived a 15 minute walk from me and so we even started meeting up on weekends, spending time at each others houses and even just going out and about (well as far as our bus passes would take us).

I think it helped that we lived so close as when we graduated from high school we promised to stay in touch and meet up as often as we could - I went off to collage and she stayed on for 6th Form Collage, and even then we managed to meet up every weekend.

When I moved to Spain she was the one person who was the best at staying in touch, we talked quite a lot every week and even on New Years Eve we were talking on the internet - I even stayed up the extra hour after midnight so she could wish me a happy new year when it finally turned midnight there.

Back from Spain we didn't waste much time, I was only back in the country 12 hours and we were meeting up again, I think we hugged for a long time when we saw each other...(her mum said she was glad I was back as she had been boring since I left)

We went back to meeting up every weekend, and even when I started dating Carl I would drag him along too as I've always said a man would never get between me and my friends, so I didn't think it right to dump my friend just because I had him.

Not too long after that she found her own fella, and thankfully we all get on really we both have guys we don't meet up every weekend, although weekends are still great times for the 4 of us to spend time together. Now we spend one night a week after work together which is always fun, especially when i get to see her mum who is mad as a hatter and we do nothing but laugh...

Thanks for the best years of my life Leanne - I hope we stay friends for a long long time...

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