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What is Love?

Love (luv)


1.a deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons expression of one's love or affection eg: give Mary my love

3.a feeling of brotherhood and good will toward other people

There is so many forms of love, like loving some shoes, loving your family or pets and of course loving you partner..

Love is probably one of the strongest feelings a person can have... and everybody has felt love in one form or another.

Can a person just fall in love straight away? Maybe

Can a person fall out of love straight away? Who Knows..

Just because I love my best friend Leanne doesn't mean I want to go to bed with her..just because I love my dogs doesn't mean I want to marry them, just because I love Carl doesn't mean I want to put him on a lead and rub his belly all night...well, never say never ;-)

If I'm honest I couldn't describe has so many meanings for so many different reasons.

Love I believe can only get stronger, i feel me and Carl have got stronger and stronger, more and more as the months go by..

I also think the love for a person can never go away either, if a family member or a pet dies, does your love for them just I don't think so, I think no matter how long it has been you will never loose the love for anybody in that way.

A few years ago a man from China 'discovered' that a dog can feel the same kind of emotions as humans, Love and sadness...clearly not a dog owner who decided this was breaking news as us who own dogs could have told him this years ago.

Does a man love a woman anymore than a man loves another man? or woman loves woman...defo not..I think there is so much anger and suffering in the world that people should be able to love who they want...I would rather see two women cuddling on a park bench than see someone have a fight, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this thought.

'I Love you'...sometimes the hardest thing people find to say, but I have always thought that if you mean it, then you will have no problem saying it...I tell Carl all the time and sometimes I wonder if I use it too much...Can it be used too much? Well as long as he knows I mean it then that's all that matters.

So is many things, and no matter who or what you are there is no getting away from it...there are many ways to love somebody, and showing love is better than keeping it to yourself...lets keep the love and maybe the world will be more of a loving place for all.

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